The Pampered Chef

As my blog readers have seen & read I have a love affair going on with anything and everything…..

Pampered Chef!

I use one or more tools EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Here is a little shout-out to my wonderful  sister-in-law: Carissa.

She got me hooked on Pampered Chef stuff and is always helping me out with recipes and ideas. She is awesome!

She will take calls or e-mails any time. from any customer. If you have questions about how things work, how to clean them or if you need quick, fast, easy, budget-friendly recipes she is your girl!

If you live in the Des Moines or Iowa Falls area and need to purchase something here is her info

Carissa Beer
Cell: (515) 290-3582
Website: www(dot)pamperedchef(dot)biz/carissabeer


Below I have a list of my favorite tools that I seriously could not cook without. I recommend these tools to anyone and everyone that I ever have a conversations with about cooking or if we are sharing recipes.

Salad Chopper

Probably my favorite item. I use this to cut up my lettuce for salads (so you don’t get huge chunks when you are eating). I chop my fresh salsa with it. But best of all you can chop an entire chicken breast IN HALF with this! For recipes that called for cooked, cubed chicken I cook them on a skillet, place then in a bowl and use the Salad Chopper to chop them up in seconds.

See it in action:   here and here and here and here and here

Deep Dish Baker

Can’t. Live. Without.

This product is great for FAST meals. I usually use it in the microwave but if I have extra time to wait for it to cook it works in the oven just as well. You can microwave chicken breast or AN ENTIRE CHICKEN in it. Microwave beef. You can mix and cook an entire meal/casserole in this. My sister-in-law has 6 pages full of fast recipes for the Deep Dish Baker.

See it in action: here. and here

Mix’ N Chop

You will never cook ground beef the same again! Ever since I have had this I no longer have large clumps of ground beef in my recipes. This tool makes the ground beef tiny and not chunky 🙂

Food Chopper

I use this whenever a recipes calles for something chopped, or finely diced. Onions, red & green peppers, radishes, carrots, basically any kind of vegetable. Nuts & Candy bars for desserts.

See it in action: here and here

Garlic Press

I always ALWAYS use fresh garlic! Any time a recipes calls for garlic (which is 99.9% of the time because I have a love affair with garlic)… this baby comes out of the drawer. This thing is always in my dish washer because I use it probably every day.

See it in action: here and here

Citrus Press

Something else I never buy is lemon or lime juice. I use this to press my own!

See it in action: here and here and here and here

Grill Tray & Grill Basket

Great for the summer! We use these every time we grill out to grill fruit or vegetables.

See it in action: here and here

Grill Skewers

Making Kabobs has never been easier. The sharp end makes it easy to pierce the food and when it is done cooking there is a helpful tool to get the food to slide off (and also doubles as an easy way to store the skewers in your drawer when you aren’t using them).

See it in action: here

Digital Thermometer

Great because it is digital so it comes up fast. Double great because it has the food safety temperatures for all cuts of meat.

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Great. Great. Great. Great for mixing, great for holding (nice little thumb hole for while you are mixing), and great for storing with the air-tight lids.

See it in action: here and here

Classic Batter Bowls

These are awesome for when I am prepping my recipes. Also good for storing cold food. If I make part of a dinner recipe in the morning I will put it in one of these bowls, but the lid on stop and place in the fridge until I need it later.

See it in action: here

Any of the stoneware

I have the Deep Dish Baker, Large Bar Pan, Large Round Stone, and the Fluted Pan. I can’t wait to add more to my collection 🙂

See them in action: here and here and here and here

Stainless Steamer

Super easy to steam fresh veggies with this!

Trifle Bowl

Great for yummy desserts (and looks good too!) And it has a lid for storing in the fridge. Also I have been known to use this as a decorating too. (I have put candles in it, Christmas ornaments, leaves, etc.)

3-Tiered Stand

This was the first “entertaining” piece that I got. And I am so glad I did. Great for when you have guests over to showcase your appetizers or other snacks.

You use 3 plates or bowls on this and they come in packs of 2. So I purchased 4 plates. Then when I entertain I will use 3 of the plates and use the other 1 for a “Menu”

You can write on most plates with a Sharpie Marker and it comes right off with soap and water! (Thanks Nate Berkus)

Any of the Cookbooks or Spices

Must Haves:

Now here are some Pampered Chef tools that I consider MUST HAVES. You can get by without them….but I wouldn’t recommend it 🙂

Adjustable Measuring Spoons, Easy Read Measuring Cups, Serving Spatulas, Micro Scraper, Bamboo Cracker Tray & Bowl Set, Appetizer Plates & Caddy, Core & More, Ultimate Mandoline, Professional Sheers, Baker’s Roller, Any of the Scoops, Easy Accent Decorator, Flour/Sugar Shaker, Corn Butterer, Cool & Serve Square Tray, Quick Stir Pitcher,

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