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Fancy & Easy

This post has 3 recipes. The Pizzaiola Sauce which takes front and center stage in the other Pizza recipes. #1 the Fancy Pizza Recipe (aka Sicilian Shrimp & Tomatoes…see even the name sounds “fancy”) #2 (not to be outdone) the tried and true Easy … Continue reading

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Battle of the States

In the green corner……….. coming straight from the farm we have our side dish: Iowa Sweet Corn In the red corner……………… with ingredients from afar, we have our main course: California Club Pizza Okay, enough with the boxing metaphor. My all time … Continue reading

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linguine, fettucine, martini, bikini……PANINI!!

No….this isn’t a post about the SlapChop (ha!) This is a post about how much I am deeply, truly in love… with my……. PANINI PRESS!!!!   (cue Hallelujah Chorus music) My family and I were getting real sick of cold meat sandwiches. … Continue reading

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Mmmmm tastes like chicken

Phew! This FIRST POST is a doozy 🙂 I promise they will never be this long again. But look what I have been up to………. A few weeks ago I tried something I have never attempted before in the kitchen. … Continue reading

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