About the CEO



I am a home-grown midwestern girl who recently became a Domestic Engineer (that’s how we church up the term Stay at Home Mom!)

My responsibilities include, but are not limited to: personal chef, teacher, chauffer, nutritionist, personal stylist, facilities manager, psychologist, storyteller, accountant, professional organizer, & event planner.

First and foremost I am a child of GOD! I am a wife to my loving hubby, mom to my little Princess Kenley, and just a milk source  mom to my baby boy Cohen.


I have had a ton of positive feedback about my blog from many different people…. and what has really amazed me is when people I don’t even know contact me or read a post. I really enjoy hearing from each and every one of you 🙂 Thanks to everyone for the great feedback and for passing my blog on to your friends any family!

PLEASE feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, recipe requests, recipe or DIY ideas, helpful tips, ANYTHING is appreciated 🙂


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EMAIL: mjkbeer@gmail.com


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