About the Family

Jenna :  Mommy, Domestic CEO

Marcus:  The Hubs, Daddy, Breadwinner

Kenley: First born, Drama Queen

Cohen : Our “buddy”, Mr. Smiles

My Priorities in Life

#1  My relationship with God (My Savior, Creator, Father, Healer, Sustainer, Comforter, Redeemer, Friend) is the most important thing to me. It is a struggle but I strive to make my habits, speech, and conduct more “Christ-like.” Daily, I seek to serve him. Whether it be helping out with church ministries or the worship team, being part of a Bible Study, or reading and praying His word during my daily quiet time.

#2 My hubby comes in close second.  I am always trying to make an effort to be a better wife. I make mistakes, but my intentions are to be a loving and caring spouse. I had no idea after all these years of friendship and marriage that my love for him would still be growing!

#3 My kids. It is hard to put your own flesh and blood at the end of this list. But my husband and I find that if we put our priorities in this specific order, everything else falls into place.

Kenley is such a sweet and outgoing little girl. She loves to play pretend and do crafts with mommy. She is quite the little helper. Last year she did Awanas which is a Sunday School type thing at our church. She loved memorizing the Bible verses. She is in dance and gymnastics (and I wouldn’t have it any other way haha). She also LOVES going to Christian Edu-Care for preschool.


Cohen is such a happy little boy and happens to be my husband’s mini me (see picture below).  We can’t wait to watch him grow and see the cute little guy he becomes. Daddy wants him to excel in football and soccer…but I would prefer he does something musical… Maybe not sing like his mommy but play an instrument! I can dream…. right? 🙂



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