Valentine Cards & Crafts

Here are my “so-not-original” Valentine’s ideas that I stole from much more creative people  🙂

Valentine’s Sucker Card

I found this idea here.

Little side note: I can’t wait till Kenley is old enough to make her own Valentines. Until then, it’s a mommy job.

I took a picture of Kenley holding out her fist (in front of my sister’s purple wall).

Then I used Microsoft Paint to type the Valentine’s message and draw hearts on the JPEG file.

I uploaded the picture to I ordered 12 sheets of wallet sized prints. (Between Preschool, Dance, Gymnastics and AWANAS we had a ton of these babies to hand out!) I ordered them a few weeks early to be safe.

When they arrived Kenley and I were so excited to get to work (she mainly just watched and commented on how much she loved them) I went to Wal-Mart to get the tiny dum dum suckers. Then I used a sharp kitchen knife to cut an “X” at he top of her fist and an “X” at the bottom.

…slipped the sucker through the picture.

CA-UTE! Seriously, who thought of this idea? I really want to know where it originated from because these are probably the cheapest Valentine’s we will ever make.

But I couldn’t stop there with just one sucker….more candy was needed for all her little friends 🙂 I put the sucker cards in plastic Valentine’s bags and dropped some red, pink, and white M&Ms and candy corn and tied it with some ribbon.

For the teachers I gave them each a little sucker card and a heart cookie from the bakery. I also threw in some of the “Teacher Gifts” my mom has at her Christian Bookstore.

Kenley was very excited to wear her Valentine’s dress and pass them out at preschool.

For the G-Parents

For Kenley’s 5 sets of grandparents and great grandparents I did the same Sucker Card but used the 4×6 prints and larger Blow Pop Suckers.

When she gave one to “Grandpa Great” he said “Oh these are so cute” and Kenley replied “Grandpa you can’t have it until after you finish your dinner” (I have trained her well)

I Love You This Much…

Every holiday I try and have Kenley make a craft for everyone. I wanted to have her make the grandparents an I Love You This Much Card.  So I took the idea I found here but just made it a bit more “Kenley created”

We painted her hands in white acrylic paint. Then “stamped” each hand five times (one for each set of grandparents) on a pink sheet of cardstock.

After they dried I cut around each handprint. Then I had Kenley use a marker to write “I LOVE YOU” on all the left hands.

I cut some purple cardstock into strips and accordion folded it. Then I had Kenley write “THIS MUCH”.

I used super glue to make sure the hands would stay connected to the accordion strip (some of these cards had to travel long distances to Florida and Arizona for the great grandparents that are “snow birds”).

So each grandparent got a Sucker Card, and I Love You This Much Card, and I also threw in some pictures of my sweet kiddos.

Every year I like to take pictures of the kids in their Valentine’s shirts. Here is last years.

And this years.

Thems some cute kids 🙂 

I Love You Because…..

Keeping with the tradition of making all the Valentines gifts this year I needed something to make for my hubby.

I found this idea here.

I used a 5×7 frame from Wal-Mart. Hot glued on a peacock feather I found in the craft aisle and some other decals I had sitting around. Then I printed out the words “I love you because…” on a piece of scrapbook paper. This gift cost me a whopping $7!

I think this is such a great way for both my husband and I to write special notes to each other. I really want him to be more aware of how much we appreciate and love him, sometimes I don’t think I say it enough. This will be a great reminder for me to always be building my man up! 🙂

I also got Marcus “The Resolution” from the movie Courageous

We just love that movie (watched it again the other night). Like I have said before, my mom owns the Christian Bookstore in town and I was working the other day and saw that we had gotten in “The Resolution” from the movie. It was only $9! I still have to go out and get a nice frame for it but my husband had been talking about doing this so I knew he would really appreciate this gift.

If you haven’t seen Courageous you should! It has a very important message that I feel EVERY SINGLE MAN should hear. 🙂 Great, great movie.

Hope you all have a great VALENTINES DAY!

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