Snow Day

We had a couple Snow Days (7 inches) a few weeks back. The only measurable snow covering we have had this year in North Central Iowa. I am sad to report (well not *that* sad) it melted right away and we haven’t seen any more of the white stuff since. What a marvelous winter 2012 is turning out to be!

Here are some pics of my precious children playing in the snow. 

They played all morning with uncle Landon and then I joined in again at night while daddy snow-blowed the driveway.

Cohen freaked out when we had to go inside.

Is it bad that I laugh and take pictures of my son as he is having a temper tantrum? I can’t imagine I am the first mom to do this 🙂 Nothing a binky can’t fix.

Another Panini (you sick of them yet?)

My love affair with my panini press is well documented (read here, here, and here)

 But I created one the other day with just my kids in mind (and I ended up loving it too).

When I was a wee one my mother never made us Peanut Butter & Banana sandwiches (deprived? possibly). I thought it was really strange any time I heard friends talk about a sandwich with bananas in it?! I can honestly say I have never had one…ever!

Well that all changed the other day.

I have some bread that needed to be used and I was trying to come up with an idea for a panini for the kiddos. Then it hit me, I keep seeing Pinterest pins about PB & Banana this….PB & Banana that.

Conversion with myself: “I shouldn’t deprive my children of the same thing my mother deprived me of as a child…..Jenna, you are 26 years old…it is high time you try the dang thing. It might be good!”

(Not dissing my mama, she is an amazing cook!)

Peanut Butter, Nutella, Banana Panini

So here we have the bread, some all natural peanut butter, and as luck would have it I had a few bananas sitting around. I slathered on a tiny bit of nutella too (yum!). I spread some butter on the outside of each piece of bread.

Then let the panini press do its magic! (I suppose to could use a small skillet and make it like you would a grilled cheese sandwich…. but trust me you want one of these panini presses in your house!)

The kids devoured them. Look at those satisfied faces…

I immediately called my mom and reminded her of her “mommy faux pas”. She said “Oh yuck, I never made those for you guys because I hated them”

Well now I know her reasoning, but I can tell you my kids and I will be eating these for years to come!


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