Too much pinning…

So has anyone seen my Pinterest lately? It is a little out of control. Too much pinning and not  enough executing. 🙂

I have a few friends that execute their pins at record speed! I am a bit jealous and very impressed at all the cute things they have done in their homes. 

I have so many projects I want to complete and recipes I want to try! We are kind of in limbo right now because we randomly showed our house last week. We weren’t expecting to put it on the market for another couple months but we had some interest so I spent all last week cleaning like a mad woman. So not really sure I want to “execute” a bunch of home projects if we do end up selling sometime soon (or preferably at least in the next year). I will keep ya’ll posted!

Ok back to a project that I actually COMPLETED!

We finally finished our (teeny, tiny) Master Bedroom! But before I get to that reveal…

Here is a before pic of the lamps on our night stands.

A really cool shape but kind of a rusty color. I liked them when I first got them for our living room. But I was getting sick of the boring color and wanted them to brighten up the night stands a bit more.

I used 4 plastic bags and green painters tape to make sure no spray paint got on the cord or the light bulb area.

Then I took them outside to the garage on a nice 50 degree (January..what?) day.

Painted on two coats of primer (dries in about 10 minutes)

Then painted on two coats Valspar Mediterranean Spray Paint.

 I waited about 30 minutes in-between coats. Then I took them inside to dry over night.

I got these cheap-o lamp shades from Target to finish off the look (I couldn’t use the original cream-colored lamp shades because my hubby broke one of them during the move.) I actually like the smaller, white ones better because then the base of the lamp shade is showcased better!




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2 Responses to Too much pinning…

  1. Shirley says:

    Hmmmm….you’ve just given me an idea!! 🙂

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