Top 24 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

To find out all about The Elf on the Shelf Holiday Tradition click here.

So right around Thanksgiving my husband and I decided we wanted to start the Elf on the Shelf tradition. I hurriedly purchased one from a bookstore. When I got home I realized there were different skin and eye colors for these little guys. I accidentally grabbed the dark skinned, dark eyes, dark haired one. Not quite what my children look like. I also had no idea you could get a skirt to make your Elf a girl. Total MOM FAIL! I decided this year we will just have one little boy elf and next year I will get a girl elf for Kenley. I figured in a year Cohen will understand it better and can have one of his own.

Well, my wonderful mother-in-law just couldn’t stand that happening. Heaven forbid we only have one elf, and a boy one that doesn’t even resemble our family! So Grandma went out and got Kenley a girl Elf (light skinned, blue eyes, light hair). Grandma SAVES THE DAY!

Kenley named them LIMEY and LOLLY! (Super cute and pretty clever for a 4 year old.)

I knew from other mom’s that you can get pretty creative with these little guys and your kiddos will just LOVE IT!

I started out by just doing simple things around the house: putting them on a shelf (I know, way original), having them playing cards, getting into some food. But as the days went on I got more and more creative. Some of these ideas I thought of myself (yes, yes…thank you…thank you very much) Others I stole from Pinterest and some very creative moms (I am all about borrowing ideas, I mean that is what Pinterest was created for, right?)

But I will say I had two things in mind while being “creative” 1) I didn’t want it to cost me any $$ or take up any more of my time (sewing little elf scarfs and mittens? ummm NO!) 2) I didn’t want to have to clean up huge messes (feather pillow fight? marshmallows all over the living room…NO THANKS!)

So here are my

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

(Kenley absolutely loved #18, #5 and #2)

24. The Norm – Just your typical Elf on a Shelf

23. Snotty – Someone got into the Kleenex Box

22. A Spot of Tea (#1) – Tea Party anyone?

21. A Spot of Tea (#2) – Mommy is not the only one who needs some tea in the morning

20. Chocoholic – Every Elf needs a sugar fix sometimes

19. Game Time – A rousing game of Hungry Hungry Hippo with Clarice & Bigsby

18. Pink Milk – One morning Kenley couldn’t find him anywhere, then she opened up the fridge for breakfast. (She absolutely cracked up!)

17. Words with Friends – Playing Scrabble the old school way.

16. Gambling Problem? – Lolly won big $$ that night

15. Bookworm – Reading a favorite Christmas book.

14. Wrapping Elf – Mommy was behind on wrapping gifts so they were just helping out.

13. Gamers – Up too late playing Play Station

12. Spa Day – A relaxing bubble bath after all that hard work watching my rowdy kiddos.

11. Fireside – They spent one night roasting marshmallows

10. Welcome Committee – Limey & Lolly greeting friends at the door.

9. Sledding – Who knew shoes would bring so much enjoyment to these little guys?

8. Dental hygiene – Lolly & Limey practicing good habits.


7. Toy Story – Limey & Lolly made friends with the Pixar Gang. (Woody took a liking to Lolly)

6. Under the Weather – Limey caught a cold, good thing Lolly was there to nurse him back to health

5. T.P. Bandits – Limey & Lolly got together one night to T.P. the living room a bit.

4. Couch Potatoes – Staying up late eating junk food and watching Christmas movies

3. Trapeze Artist – Hooks can be used for swinging

2. True Meaning of Christmas – Limey and Lolly reading the Christmas Story to…the Christmas Story 🙂

1. Elfish Cookies – Santa may bring the gifts, but Limey & Lolly watch over my Naughty or Nice kids every day for a whole month! They deserve a treat on Christmas Eve too! (Read about how we made these here)

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3 Responses to Top 24 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

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  2. JillCampbell says:

    I soooo want you to sew little mittens for them next year!!!!

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