Hot Mess

So I have been a “Hot Mess” all week long. I have so many things on my To-Do List I didn’t even know where to begin. Wrapping presents, baking, cooking, trying to get those dang Christmas cards done and in the mail, Christmas parties, and on and on…..

Speaking of HOT MESS. Anyone seen Ellen’s Christmas Mascot this year……

Oh I love the Ellen Show! Wouldn’t it be awesome to be in the audience during her 12 Days of Give-Aways?!

Back to my To-Do List.

I signed up to make some cookies for our church. I wanted to make these super cute Snowman Cookies

Aren’t they lovely? Courtesy of a Pinterest Christmas cookie search.

Well here are *my* Snowmen?!?!?!

YIKES Didn’t turn out so hot… Seriously some of these are really scary!

I decided to give these to the kids and just ended up putting frosting and Christmas sprinkles on the cookies for our church. (I didn’t want anyone critiquing my scary, ugly, snowmen).

I think I will try these again next year and do them a bit different: use a home-made sugar cookie recipe, home-made frosting and use my own bags for piping (none of that store-purchased gel crap).

‘Til next year!

Oh I also need to post some pictures of the fun we had on


(my apologies to family as I am a little late for this)

We spent Thanksgiving in Nashville visiting family on my dad’s side. We had a lot of fun playing cornhole…..

Making goodies….

Eating way too much….

And getting all of the Great Grandkids together! Grandma Jackie got everyone matching Christmas PJs so of course we had to get a shot of them all together. I think we can agree all the kids were in a weird mood and with the younger ones it was hard to get a good shot 🙂

Maggie – 2 years. Kenley – 4 years. Cohen – 14 months. Daniel and Nathan (still can’t tell the difference :)) – 9 months.

They are precious.

And now to finish off this Hot Mess of a post

Here are pictures of our little girl’s



Kenley was an Angel! She had her part down pat. Those “praying hands” didn’t leave their position the entire night. Even after the Nativity Scene was done and the kids just had to sing, she still stood there with her praying hands! haha

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4 Responses to Hot Mess

  1. Barb says:

    Thanks for posting the Thanksgiving pics, fun weekend . . .I enjoyed the “scary snowmen” pics too . . . .I’m sure the kids loved them . . .”A” for effort! I always say I can’t even draw stick people so I can relate to the challenge of “my” creations not always turning out the way the picture shows them

    • Thanksgiving was a lot of fun! Thanks for hosting at your house Barb. I always have to bake a dessert 2 times before I get it right. I STINK at baking. I rock at cooking because you can’t really screw that up. But when it comes to baking I have to try it once before I let anyone see. I somehow always manage to screw it up. So my blog readers better cherish this post and that I was willing to share my disaster haha 🙂

  2. wdiekema says:

    Looks like a fun time in Nashville. I love all the Christmas PJs; what a great idea.

    The cookies were cute; reminded me of Nightmare before Christmas – Hah. Really . . you did a good job and I’m sure your church folk would have adored them.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you and the family in a couple weeks.

    • I love the Christmas PJs and they will be great the rest of the winter too! Aren’t all the kiddos cute! It was so great to finally “meet” Maggie, Daniel and Nathan. ANd yes my cookies were scary, Seriously, a couple of them looked evil! Can’t wait to see you for Christmas! Ok, maybe I am more excited to see Jaxton then you 🙂 But I am sure you care more about Kenley and Cohen 🙂

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