Exciting Changes!


Moving On Up

I started blogging with my daycare kiddos a few years ago. After I quit to become a stay-at-home mom I knew I wanted to continue writing about my kids and posting recipes for my friends to enjoy. I have enjoyed the last seven months writing and seeing my blog grow to 300+ views per post! I am incredibly amazed that people actually care about what I am writing about 🙂

I have made the decision to take my blog to the next level! I really want you (my readers) to feel like you can be more interactive with each and every post. I get a lot of personal messages and e-mails from readers but I would love to have the other readers be able to benefit from your comments!

 I am hoping that this will give you guys a chance give more input and suggestions about the food I am making. Or if you tried a recipe or a craft, how did it turn out? What were some changes you made? I also would love more advice on remodeling our house and DIY craft ideas for my kiddos and I to do.

What’s in it for you? 

1) If you enjoy reading my blog I encourage you to “Like” my Facebook page. You can do so by clicking this link here:

Adventures of a Domestic Engineer on Facebook

You can also view current discussions on the right hand side of this page —————->

2) I would also love to hear from you guys so I will begin asking a question at the end of each post. Sometimes I will have a POLL (see below to answer the first one). Other times I will have a question that requires you to comment below the post. I will also post the same question on my Facebook Page.

To say “THANK YOU” to my avid readers/commenters I will begin having GIVE-AWAYS! Of course most of the prizes will be from Pampered Chef because you all know how obsessed I am with their products.

Here are some of the Pampered Chef Prizes you will have a chance at winning:

* Large Stoneware Bar Pan

* Ultimate Mandoline

* Garlic Press

* Mix-N-Chop

* Adjustable Measuring Spoons

* Measure All Cup

Also, coming soon: Adventures of a Domestic Engineer on PINTEREST! I have been trying to avoid this like the plague….but I feel it is time to jump on the bandwagon. Let the obsession begin 🙂

So let’s try this out.

First Question……(I will probably be the only one that likes #3 🙂 )

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