Guest Room/Extra Room Progress

Extra Room

The extra room in our basement has some wonderful features! This room is a whopping 6 feet by 8 feet. The west wall consists of sturdy concrete and two different types of wood paneling make up the other walls. A beautiful wall sconce brings the lighting ambiance to the room.  All joking aside, this room was going to be a play room. But then I decided the big room in the basement would be the better choice for a Play Room/Family Room. (I will post soon about the updates to that larger room)



It has now become my SEWING/CRAFT room 🙂 Isn’t that exciting?! I have never had a room for that. And now that I know how to sew this will really come in handy!

Only problem right now is I just have to find someone to come move out this big honkin’ piano!

If it was tuned and in good condition this baby would be worth $10,000! But I am not quite sure what it is worth in the bad shape it is in today. I am also not even sure we can get it out of the basement (I think the previous owners built the basement around the piano). We may have to saw it in half or something to get it out, which would be sad because then I am sure it would be worth NOTHING.

Guest Room


P.S. no that is not mold. It is the glue/leftovers from the rubbery trim that use to be on there.


So my little brother Landon (13 years old) is re-doing his bedroom at home so he gave all of his bedroom set to our little boy Cohen! Cohen obviously doesn’t understand how cool this is right now…but he will appreciate this bedroom set in a few years when he outgrows his crib/toddler bed 🙂 I can’t wait! (And don’t I have the sweetest little brother to pass down his furniture?!)

Obviously I still have to paint both of these rooms. My plan is to either paint it the same color as the Basement Family Room or paint it a gray color. For flooring I don’t think we will do anything but the rugs. We plan to try and “flip” this house and put it on the market soon. Not sure if it will sell, but if it doesn’t it will be a great rental property (we already have a few people interested in renting it). So we don’t want to put too much $$ into the basement. But if we change our minds and decide to stay in the house a little bit longer than we will for sure put some sort of better flooring down in the basement.

I am so glad to have the basement rooms are starting to resemble some sort of a “liveable space”. It only took 7 months but I finally was able to organize and unpack all the junk that had accumulated. It seriously is like a weight lifted off my shoulders having these rooms somewhat put together 🙂

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