Kenley’s Tangled Birthday Party

My daughter Kenley specifically requested a Tangled Birthday Party after seeing the theme at a party store. Kenley has watched this movie probably 100 times since it came out. It is also my FAVORITE Disney movie of all time (maybe tied with Lady & the Tramp). If you have not seen this movie do yourself a favor and just go buy it. I promise it will become your favorite!

I have talked earlier about how I went to college for Event Planning. So planning my kiddos birthday parties is pretty darn exciting for me 🙂

However, calling this Kenley’s Tangled Birthday Party is a little misleading it should be called either

1) The I-Am-So-Not-Original-Because-I-Stole-Basically-Every-Idea Birthday Party


2) The My-Mother-In-Law-Probably-Put-In-More-Work-Than-I-Did Birthday Party

Yes, I did do a few things. I searched the internet for ideas. I did all of the planning (or stealing, however you want to word it). I also had the hard part of time management and trying to put it all together. But I only had about 2 or 3 original ideas. I basically “borrowed” every cute idea from either Disney or Super Mom Moments. My mother-in-law was also a lifesaver because she helped me so much with everything! I really think she did more work than I did. But she is just like me, she LOVES planning parties. (She is also very good at it, just ask my sister-in-law)

I really don’t feel too bad about “borrowing” all these ideas because my precious little four-year old girl had no idea. The next morning she woke up and said “Mommy thank you for my best birthday party!” How sweet is she?


So this was actually one of my original ideas, kind of. I got inspiration from other Tangled Birthday invitations and my mother-in-law helped me create this one. I chose the paper and told her what I wanted it to say and that is about as far as my work went into these. My MIL was the genius that created and mailed them off to all the little Princesses and Princes.



The envelopes even had pictures of Rapunzel in her tower and they were addressed to each child as Princess Kenley or Prince Cohen. My MIL did a superb job.


Fabric Garland

Proud to say I had a few original ideas in the decor category. Throughout the movie there is this sun symbol that Rapunzel remembers from her childhood and it shows up in all of her paintings.

I found this perfect fabric at our local sewing store. I knew I had to make something for the party with it and I decided on creating a fabric garland. But I didn’t want to take the extra time to sew it so I came up with another idea.

I used a piece of cardstock to cut out a pennant template. Then used pinking shears to cut the fabric into the right shape. I totally eye-balled this the entire time. Nothing was precise or exact, so it was simple and quick to make.

I used a small paper punch to punch holes in the corner. Then I strung yellow yarn through each hole. I cut the yellow fabric into strips to tie in-between each pennant. Then I used those 3M hooks that you can find at Wal-Mart to hang the pennant in the window area of my MIL’s kitchen.

Rapunzel Braid

I borrowed this next idea and created Rapunzel’s long braid out of yarn and hung it from the front door. Go to the Super Mom Moments website for step by step instructions. It took 3 of us about 15 to 20 minutes to create this.  My father-in-law helped and when we began the braiding part he said “I actually understand how to braid now, that is sad” hah

Table Runner

I found a bunch of $1.25 fabric squares at Wal-Mart that went along with the fabric from the sewing store. The fabric also would go great with the purple/pink color scheme I was going for.  I knew I wanted to use the fabric to sew a table runner for the food table.

Basically I followed the instructions from this super easy table runner tutorial when I was ready to sew.

Here is a picture of what the table runner looked like on the table with everything put together

My hope is to use it again for other events, like book signings at my mom’s Christian bookstore, or Women’s Ministry events at our church, or maybe Kenley’s birthday again next year.

The table runner was so easy. My grandma was telling me I should make one for Thanksgiving and Christmas, she gave me tips on how to make it reversible. Anyways, that is another blog post!

Paper Lanterns

In the movie Rapunzel wants to see the “floating lights” because they appear in the sky every year on her birthday. They finally make it to the kingdom and get a front row seat when viewing the paper lanterns.

My husband and I have about 50 Green Paper Lanterns from our wedding. I had all intentions of bringing a few of them and hanging them for the birthday party. But we had the party at my MIL’s house which is 90 minutes away and I totally forgot to grab the lanterns when packing up the car. I had other things on my mind that day 🙂 That would have been a nice touch but… oh well!

Tower & Cupcakes

Rapunzel’s Tower

I created the Tower by following the instructions on the Disney website. This was seriously SUPER easy! And what is a Tangled Birthday Party without the tower??

You know those nasty squeeze cheese bottles you can get for crackers? Who knew they had those for frosting!? I found some green squeezy frosting at Super Wal-Mart. Since we weren’t going to be eating the Tower (it was just for decoration) I didn’t really care what kind of frosting we had so I just got the easiest. The squeezy bottle came with a bunch of tops so I could pick which one looked most like vines going up the tower.

LOVED the end result 🙂


Yearly everyone’s birthday my mom makes a bundt cake. We LOVE this recipe. Since it has cinnamon/sugar swirls in it we tell ourselves it is ok to eat for Breakfast (kind of like a cinnamon roll right?). And Lunch. And Dinner YUM. Over the last four years I have started this same tradition for my kids and hubby’s birthday.

For Kenley’s birthday I just took the recipe and made it into cupcakes.

Birthday Cake


Cake: 1 Dunken Hines Moist Deluxe Butter Flavor Cake Mix
1 pkg. vanilla instant pudding
3/4 cup water
3/4 cup oil
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon imitation butter flavoring
4 eggs
Filling: Cinnamon/Sugar mixed together (I just always have this on hand to sprinkle over toast. I think it is about 1/3 cup of each).


Preheat oven at 350º F

Combine cake ingredients in bowl & mix on medium/high for 8 minutes. Scrape often.
Spray bundt pan VERY well, especially around the middle section. (If making cupcakes just place cupcake liners in the pan.)

Layer 1/3 of the cake mixture on the bottom of the bundt pan. Sprinkle a bunch of cinnamon/sugar mixture on top. Layer another 1/3 of cake, then cinnamon/sugar. Layer last bit of cake mix on top. (Obviously I just did this for each individual cupcake)

Bake for 45 minutes. The “bottom” of the cake (the part that you will see when you open the oven) will start to turn a golden brown. Even if the “bottom” looks too brown make sure you test with a tooth pic because the inside might not be all the way done. (For the cupcakes I just followed the baking instructions on the back of the box).

Here is a picture from a birthday party last year of what it looks like in the form of a cake.

Frosting: 2 cups powdered sugar, 2 tablespoons milk, 2 tablespoons melted.

I usually double the frosting recipe. When I make the cake I will make the first batch of frosting kind of runny. (Just add a bit more butter or milk). When the cake is done baking I put the frosting on right away while it is still warm so that it will seep into the cake. After the cake has cooled I make a second batch of frosting but not as runny. (Just add more powdered sugar). This is one of those recipes where you can add a little bit more of one of the ingredients to make it the consistency you want.

For the cupcakes I doubled the recipe and made it more of a stiff frosting so it wouldn’t run off the edge of the cupcakes. I used a whole thing of green food coloring to make the frosting the right color. Then I piped it onto each cupcake to look like grass.

I also purchased a bunch of fake flowers in purples and golds for the top of the cupcakes. Here is the finished product.

I found the #4  for Kenley’s cupcake at Target.


In the movie Mother Gothel is always telling Rapunzel “I’m going to make your favorite! Hazelnut Soup!” This is perfect because my daughter LOVES soup. Every time we go out to a restaurant she asks the waiter what their soup specials are. Of course, I knew we had to have soup for the party. I just ordered the Zuppa Toscana and bread sticks from Olive Garden. Then my MIL made a sign that said “Hazelnut Soup.” We told Kenley that it was Hazelnut Soup just like from the movie! How was she going to know the difference?

I knew most of the kids wouldn’t like soup so I had PB&J sandwiches for another option. I named them after the pub where Flynn and Rapunzel come across a bunch of “ruffians” in the movie.

I also got some whole grain wheat bread and spread for another option. The spread is 8 oz of softened cream cheese and about half a jar of Dickinson’s Sweet-N-Hot Red Pepper Sauce.

There are some pretty funny scenes in Tangled with a frying pan. Rapunzel uses it as a weapon a few times…. so I put some Apples for Maximus (the horse) in the frying pan 🙂

I got this next idea from Super Mom Moments. The end of the movie Flynn and Rapunzel are on a boat getting a front row view of the lighted paper lantern display. So I made blue raspberry Jell-O and put it in these punch cups overnight. Then in the morning sliced up some oranges, and made a sale out of purple paper and toothpicks.

For drinks we did water. My MIL put these custom water bottle wrappers on them. They each have a different scene from the movie and say either “Happy Birthday Princess Kenley” or “Kenley’s 4th Birthday”


Playing Dress-Up

On the invites I told the Princesses they could bring their own gowns if they had them. Kenley already has a massive amount of dress-up clothes because she inherited all of my dance costumes and all of my little sister’s dance and Disney costumes. So I brought along a few and created Rapunzel’s closet for all the girls to look through.

The girls each changed clothes probably 6 times, making sure they all got to where each one once and also try on the costumes some of the other girls brought.

For the boys I had a chest filled with Flynn Rider’s armor that they could try on.

The swords didn’t go over too well with the two-year old boys but they still had fun dressing up in the armor 🙂

Coloring Books

I swear if I ever have a Disney Movie themed party again I know where to find all the ideas. The Disney family website is AWESOME!

They had these printable coloring book pages. We printed them off and used some cardstock for a cover page. Then my MIL has key chain loops on hand all the time so we used them to put the books together. I had a ton of leftover ribbon and fabric (from the table runner) so we used that to dress them up a bit. Then my MIL had the different colored glitter crowns so we glued those on and wrote each Princess and Prince’s name on the cover.

Here are the kids all spread out, actually sharing crayons, and coloring in their books.


My MIL also had all these prince/princess stickers so she helped each of the kids make “placemats” The kids all had to sit on the floor to eat so we wanted to make sure they all had their own spots to sit at (we were thinking ahead and trying to avoid fighting and lots of up and down). The kids did really good sitting in their “spots” And it was fun for them to make their placemat craft while I was upstairs getting the food ready.

Pin the Frying Pan

My mom is the artist in our family so I had her take the coloring book page of the Wanted: Flynn Rider sign and she drew it on a huge poster. I used this Frying Pan Printable from Super Mom Moments. The kids had a great time pinning the frying pan on Flynn.


Pascal Party Blowers

Pascal is Rapunzel’s only friend in the lonely tower. He is a cute little chameleon. This craft was again from the Disney website. When we were making these the glue wasn’t working so I just went ahead and stapled it together

Doesn’t look as nice but the kids love these and within 10 minutes some of the younger ones had ripped them apart anyways, so I am glad I took the stapled shortcut in creating them.

Party Favors

I got some of the Tangled themed favors at the party store, then my MIL and I went around picked out a bunch of other cheap-o toys to fill the rest of the baskets.

The biggest hit was the water paints. Rapunzel paints every wall on the inside of her tower in the movie, so naturally had to give some paint and brushes away to each kid. I got the Paints Party Favor Printable from Super Mom Moments. Then my MIL dressed it up a bit with some cardstock and pictures of Flynn or Rapunzel.

Gift time!

Thanks to all the kids that came and all the people who helped make this Tangled Themed Birthday Party possible!! Kenley and her friends had a BLAST! 🙂 🙂

(We opened up some of Kenley’s gifts at my parent’s house a few days before her party. Here are a bunch of pics from that night.)

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17 Responses to Kenley’s Tangled Birthday Party

  1. Randi says:

    omg i love it! Excited to try some of these idea’s for my daughter’s party!!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    That’s the cutest party i’ve ever seen!!!!! i’m so jealous!!

  3. tammy warren says:

    amazing party! how and where did you get the food signs example “snuggly ducking sandiwches and maximus apples

  4. asmiley says:

    We just celebrated my daughters 4th with a tangled tea party. It was great. Lot’s of ideas from the paging supermoms web site. Take a look.

  5. oh amanda says:

    SO fun! I did a Tangled Party, too. Your tower turned out waaay better than mine and I LOVE the idea of the coloring book! How easy and cute?!!


    • The party was so much fun! I am just about to post my sons bug party from last week. I love planning their birthdays and I see you do too 🙂 I checked out your blog and LOVE it! And your Tangled party with the painting and the hair braiding…..I bet it was a BLAST for the girls.

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  7. debbie says:

    how did you create the flag bunting that reads happy birthday? it’s in the pic of the area where the dress up clothes are? i’m trying to create something like that…thanks!

  8. Love all the ideas. Great party. I am planning tangled birthday party for my daughter ( more weeks to go :)). Can you ask your MIL where did she found the food labels please?!

    • Thanks! I hope you daughter has a blast! Kenley still tells everyone about her Tangled Birthday Party, might be hard to top it next year 🙂 My MIL actually just got the little circle character cutouts on She ordered them from someone and then just printed them from her e-mail attachment. Once we knew what we were going to call all of the food items we just typed that out and printed them on some cardstock, folded them so they would stand and then glued the character circles on top of that. Hope that helps!!

  9. Janel says:

    I keep Gpa awashooinging & reading this one. A lot of work. Well done granddaughter.

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