Star Spangled Sandwiches

Kenley was so excited this week because SWIM LESSONS STARTED!!

Lexa & Celia, Kenley’s friends are joining in on the fun. I use to watch Lexa when I had my daycare and her Nana lives in Iowa Falls. So I was very excited to watch her for the next two weeks so the girls could take swim lessons together! Kenley loves having someone to play with during the day, she was getting bored at home with mom and Cohen all day long 🙂

Cohen enjoys some time out in the sun while watching the girls learn how to swim.

After swim lessons today I made these fun, quick snacks. You may remember this post about my Grandma saving a ton of Taste of Home Magazines from the 90s. This recipe was in one of those magazines…which I modified just a bit…

Star Spangled Sandwiches


8 Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches

8 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips

1 1/2 Tablespoons shortening

4th of July Sprinkles


Melt the chocolate chips and shortening in the microwave for about 1 minute and 20 seconds.

Stir the mixture to make sure it is creamy.

Take 2 Ice Cream Sandwiches out of the freezer at a time (you don’t want them to melt). Then I took about 3/4 of the wrapping off so the girls would still have something to stop them from getting messy fingers.

My thought was I could have the sandwiches melt a tiny bit and shimmy some popsicle sticks up there so the girls could hold on to that. But I couldn’t find any popsicle sticks at the grocery store 😦

Dip each ice cream sandwich in the chocolate frosting then top with 4th of July Sprinkles.

I also had no luck finding red, white and blue sprinkles at the grocery store. But when I walked in I saw some cupcakes that the grocery baker had made and they had star sprinkles on them. So I asked the cashier about it and he went to the back and got me a LARGE amount of the sprinkles for me. It never hurts to ask! And he only charged me 30 cents for them….talk about customer service!

Then I placed the 2 sandwiches back in the freezer on a tray and repeated this process, 2 at a time, until 8 sandwiches were covered. I probably could have done all 12 of the vanilla ice cream sandwiches because there was still frosting left over…but I thought I should leave some plain in case my hubby doesn’t want the sprinkles on his 🙂

We went outside….on this 100+ heat index day….and ENJOYED a nice cold treat!

We went to the pool, just for an hour. It was great to get out of the heat and into a nice cold pool!

This little guy LOVES the pool! And his mommy loves his little water shirt, Thanks  Grandma Diane! My children are destined to become POOL RATS 🙂

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