Fire up the grill!

Ok first of all MY NEW COUNTERTOP IS IN!!


…..but I will say….. it will look much better with a fresh coat of WHITE kitchen cabinet paint (not the ugly, dingy cream color it is now). Also new hardware for the doors should take it from old to modern. And of course some Valspar’s Ice Morning blue for the walls will take it from drab to fab.

Wow, did I just sound like a wanna-be design pro or what? Ok, Jenna…turn off the HGTV and get your butt moving on your end of the kitchen remodel (little self-motivational pep talk there)

Oh also check out my new feeding trough sink!

My huge mixing bowls, massive cutting board,  gigantic crock pot, enormous skillet (you getting the picture?)….well now they will all fit into the sink and be a breeze to clean!

Now let’s fire up the grill because we had an amazing dinner last night!

Chicken & Veggie Kabob

Cut up 3 chicken breast into large cubes. Cut up 1 red onion, 1 red pepper, and 1 green pepper. Arranged them on my sweet Pampered Chef BBQ Skewers. Topped with a poultry mix of seasonings: parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, marjoram, oregano.

Now for the side

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

We had these in Costa Rica a few years back and my husband has been wanting to make them ever since. We did have them at our wedding for appetizers but I had yet to make them in our own kitchen. So I finally made his wish come true 🙂

Every recipe I found online basically said prosciutto, asparagus, olive oil, and black pepper. However, I wanted to use some fancy cheese in there too. Goat cheese sounded nice. I couldn’t find any recipes with that, so I just prayed it would taste good.

First, prosciutto….what the heck is that? Well my friends, I wasn’t quite sure either because I am always getting it mixed up with bruschetta. Seriously, my husband has to give me lessons on how to pronounce these two, and I still get them confused.

So here is the difference:

{prosciutto} Italian word for dry-cured ham

{Bruschetta} Toasted Italian bread drenched in olive oil and served typically with garlic or tomatoes

Ahhh, there we go! Now it all makes sense.

Once I got that figured out I just had to go find some (proscuitto). The wonderful people at the local Hy-Vee didn’t know what it was either. But I am not judging because I didn’t either until a few years ago. So I looked in the places I thought I would find it.

Meat counter: No.

Ham section: Nope.

Bacon section: Not there either.

Pre-packaged deli meat section: THERE IT IS!

And to my delight there was a nice wrapped package of prosciutto from Norwalk, Iowa! A local product SCORE!

So back to my kitchen.

Trimmed off the ends of the asparagus. Divided each slice of  prosciutto in half.

Took 3 to 4 spears of asparagus and laid on top of one half piece of prosciutto. Added a few pieces of goat cheese. Then wrapped the prosciutto around the spears. One piece didn’t really wrap it tight enough, so I used the other half piece to really make sure the asparagus was wrapped tightly.

Placed on my (what else) Pampered Chef Grill Tray. Drizzled olive oil on top and cracked some fresh black pepper. (DO NOT PUT SALT ON THIS, PROSCIUTTO IS ALREADY PRETTY SALTY).

Grilled the chicken kabob, not sure how long because my husband is the grill pro.

But once the chicken kabob had about 10 minutes left we put the asparagus on.

Ahhh…grilled to perfection.

The Pampered Chef Skewers get hot so we had to use an oven mit to get them off the grill. Then we took the handy dandy food slider that comes with the skewers to remove the cooked food in one smooth motion (it also doubles as a handy way to store the skewers).

If you want to eat the food right off the skewer you can you just have to wait a few minutes for them to cool down.

Marcus really enjoyed it and was way pumped I finally (4 years later) made the Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus. He also complemented my goat cheese selection.

This recipe is a MUST TRY for all my blog readers. ENJOY!

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